• Ninth Planet Beverage Solutions

    Full Service production co-packing canning facility in Saratoga Springs, NY

  • What we can do

    Services Offered

    • SQF Level 2 Certified
    • Product blending services with batches as small as a few cans, and as large as your imagination can go
    • Counter pressure/volumetric filling
    • Up to 30 gpm throughput speed depending on package size and configuration, product type and carbonation volumes
    • Fully automated packaging line from depalletizer through canning, labeling application, seal end cartonization, tray forming, and shrink bundling
    • Pasteurization capabilities
    • Full QC scientific instrument reports
      • DO and CO2 measurements
      • Brix, pH and ABV measurements
      • CMC-KUHNKE double seam imaging
    • Compatibility with cans of all sizes using either 200 or 202 diameter ends (standard, sleek and slim)
      • 200mL, 7.5oz, 8oz, 250mL, 10oz, 330ml, 12oz, 375mL, 16oz, 500mL, 19.2oz
    • Ability to effectively work with high carbonation volumes up to 4.0
    • Nitrogen doser available to package still, sparking, and nitrogenated beverages
    • Organic Certification avaialble through Natural Food Certifiers
    • Kosher Certification available through Orthodox Union
    • Can storage available for warehousing purposes
    • Assistance with can and product sourcing
    • Automated tray forming, wrap cartons, and shrink bundling available separately and together for post fill packaging
    • Centrally located to service all Northeastern distribution centers, equidistant from NYC, Boston, Buffalo and Montreal
    • Our dynamic pricing model rewards efficient client partners with lower costs
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  • Machinery and Equipment

    The highest quality equipment available,

    fully automated from depalletizer to pack-out

    27 Head Rotary Filler/6 Head Rotary Seamer

    World renowned technology allows for unparalleled consistency and accuracy of fills and can seams

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    Anton Paar Dissolved Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Metering

    Combined CO2 and O2 meter which allows fast, accurate, and reliable determination of dissolved carbon dioxide and oxygen in beverages.

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    CMC-Kuhnke Double Seam imaging and measurement

    High-resolution can seam scope that clearly illuminates and captures images of radially-cut cross sections of beverage can seams for quick assessments of seam thickness and integrity.

  • About Ninth Planet Beverage Solutions

    Fast, efficient mobile canning service with exceptional quality control.

    Mission Statement

    Ninth Planet Beverage Solutions was founded on the premise that craft beverage producers deserve and desire a high level of quality control in their packaging and presentation regardless of the production size or output of their business operations. Successful smaller producers looking to grow their businesses should be able to place their upfront capital on marketing needs rather than on packaging machinery, particularly if they cannot independently afford equipment of the quality and speed that will best match the quality of their products.


    Ninth Planet was created to provide a reliable and affordable packaging service to those small and mid-sized growing producers who wish not to sacrifice quality control or presentation in the growth of their product to additional sales outlets. We will always make use of the highest quality equipment available, to provide a reliable, logistically convenient and affordable can packaging solution for our client producers.

    Values Statement

    We view our business as the premium option for growing small beverage producers. It is our goal to provide our premium packaging option to as many producers as possible.


    We look to be a profitable business that responsibly cares for its employees and the broader business community. Our responsibility is to our employees, owners, and investors, but also to the broader business community of small beverage producers which embodies our clientele. This responsibility extends beyond our core clientele to the other ancillary businesses that serve the beverage industry, including raw material suppliers and manufacturers.

  • What's in a name?

    Ever since 1935, when canned beers entered commercial production, no one expected that the contents of those cans would ever be valued for their flavor profiles. Instead, canned beverages were mass produced for their convenience. As the decades wore on, this made cans the favored packaging choice for beverages that were best appreciated as a result of ignoring or masking the flavor of the beverage contents. Thankfully, a lot has changed since the Great Depression.


    Cans have more recently become known as the best packaging choice for ease of distribution and consumption convenience. Today’s beverage producers appreciate cans for the many benefits that they offer when proper packaging techniques are utilized.

  • Cans are:


    Unlike brown glass bottles, there is absolutely zero chance that any light will penetrate the packaging and adversely affect the beverage contents.

    100% Recyclable

    The metal cans are made from is infinitely reusable. Aluminum cans are the world’s most likely beverage container to be recycled and feature 65% recycled metal on average.


    They are cheaper to ship than glass, easier for consumers to carry, and therefore more likely to be carried to a greater variety of places including the great outdoors.


    No can will ever become a safety hazard after being mistakenly dropped on the floor. For this reason, cans are the preferred packaging for many outdoor venues such as parks, pools, beaches, boats and golf courses as well as places where large groups of people gather, such as stadiums, concert venues, festivals and commuter transit terminals.


    Unlike the crown cap of a bottle, no air, and specifically oxygen, can enter into the can once sealed. Similarly, no carbonation can escape from the can over time. Both traits allow for the can to keep beverages fresher for longer than traditional glass bottles.


    The space efficient design of cans allows more units to fit in a defined space, such as a manufacturer or distributor’s cold box, a shipping container or truck, a retailer’s shelves, and a consumer’s fridge.

    Easier to Chill

    The conductivity of metal is greater than glass. This allows cans, and their liquid contents, to be cooled significantly quicker than glass bottles.


    The physical aspects of cans make them an attractive choice to bring anywhere and everywhere that a person could possibly want to enjoy a beverage.


    The larger surface area of cans allows for greater and more diverse product marketing opportunities.

    Newly Understood

    All of these beneficial characteristics have been embraced en masse by craft breweries and RTD beverage producers, but it is a recent phenomenon. A contract brewery in Wisconsin sold the first canned craft beer in 1991, but it was only in 2002 that the first craft brewery began packaging their own production into cans. RTD beverages in cans are even more recent.

    More and More Accessible in High Quality

    Our canning line fills and seams cans on a smaller scale in line with craft beverage production, and does so with the same qualities that make can packaging attractive to larger operations (counter pressure filling, precision seamer, negligible dissolved oxygen numbers and production speeds up to 350 cans per minute).

  • In 1930, just before the introduction of the first ever canned beer, Pluto was formally recognized as the object in our solar system that existed beyond the outer reaches of all other known planets. It was considered to be the ninth planet. Just like for cans, our understanding of Pluto has changed over the years. The two bear some remarkable similarities which make Pluto a great icon for our operation.

    Pluto is:


    Pluto is very, very far from the sun, and quite dark as a result.


    Pluto is a minor or dwarf planet, and is now recognized as such because it is so small in mass that its orbit does not dominate the area around it.


    While Pluto was still considered a full on planet, it was the only planet with no oxygen whatsoever in its atmosphere—instead the atmosphere is composed of nitrogen and carbon-oxygen bonded atoms among other gases.


    Part of the reason that the ninth planet was “plutoed” is that it exists within the Kuiper asteroid belt, a collection of many other objects including similar dwarf planets.

    Easier to Chill

    Being one of the furthest known objects from the sun makes Pluto very cold and the distance rather easily keeps it so cold.


    Pluto does not have a regular, near-circular orbit the way Earth or other planets do—it is rarely ever in the same place at the same time each year.


    Pluto was selected as 2006’s word of the year for its use as a verb—demoted and devalued, Pluto has gained a new awareness and widespread group of admirers as a result.

    Newly Understood

    Pluto was reclassified in 2006 from its status as the ninth planet to a dwarf planet.

    More and More Accessible in High Quality

    NASA’s New Horizons space probe finally reached Pluto in 2015 and the images (like the one in the background) and information being transmitted back to Earth will continue to change and evolve our understanding of Pluto.

  • Meet Our Team

    Josh Schaffner

    Founder, CEO

    Ninth Planet Beverage Solutions was founded by Josh Schaffner in 2015. Josh has been a professional advocate for craft beverage producers since he launched NY Craft Beer Week in 2008. Having worked with craft breweries large and small on their sales, marketing and promotions initiatives, Josh fully understands the value of a quality and flavorful product—and doing everything possible to maintain that quality and flavor while conveying just as much to the consumer. He has overseen Ninth Planet through its development as a mobile beverage can packaging operation, beverage packaging consultancy and equipment leasing programs, and now as a co-manufacturing and contract beverage production facility. Josh has two children, who strength trained from the early age of six months by carrying quadpacks of cans around the house.

    Brandon joined Ninth Planet in 2019, and has overseen all aspects of production and expansion at our Saratoga Springs facility. Previously, he worked in artisanal cheese and yogurt production, where he was the creamery manager in charge of all day to day production and operations. When the creamery's operations were designated for relocation to a new facility, he designed and oversaw the construction of a new 25,000sq ft facility. There, he also created the systems for food safety, air and water management, product development, and workflow. Prior to food manufacturing, Brandon worked in the kitchens of restaurants throughout New York City and spent time working in the IT field at Columbia University. Brandon takes great pride in problem solving and his three children.

    Maybe YOU?

    We are a fast growing company and always on the lookout for the next great person to add to our team. If you think you'd be an asset to our operation, we'd love to hear from you. Please drop a note below to let us know what you have to offer.

  • Careers

    Join Our team

    We are always looking for hardworking talent to join our team. If you are interested in working at a fast-paced company with opportunities for upward growth, please send your resume to us at jobs@ninthplanetbev.com


    Current Openings:   We often have openings on our production and operation teams. We are looking for enthusiastic and curious individuals interested in getting to work closely with our state of the art machinery and learning about the craft beverage industry.


    Please check our careers page to apply for open positions: https://ninthplanetbev.bamboohr.com/careers





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